Home Climate Zoning

Zoning allows you to have multiple thermostats connected your HVAC system. This allows you to have different temperatures in different sections (zones) of your home or building.

Home Thermostat Zoning


The primary example of zoning is to have each floor set up as a seperate zone. Often in the summer, the higher floors are warmer, and cooler in the lower floors. To make this zone, we install dampers or shut offs in the ductwork to force air to whatever thermostat is calling for either heating or cooling, and more air is routed to the zone calling for it. If the second floor thermostat is telling the air conditioner to come on, while the first floor zone doesn't need any, the dampers in the first floor ductwork block air from entering, and all the air will go to the second floor zone. You don't have to limit zones to the floors of your house, instead you can make custom sections, such as one zone as the master section, and the rest of the house as another zone. Zoning is the answer to perfect temperatures.